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Cuff Options

Knit Wrist

Seamless and stretchable rib knit tubing is sewn onto the glove to provide a comfortable and secure fit. Cuff keeps dirt and cold out, warmth in.

Flared Cuff

An extended cuff for added protection at the wrist.

Continuous Cuff

Seamless extension of the glove provides a secure fit and eliminates the weak point/discomfort of a seam with a sewn-on cuff.

Safety Cuff

Heavyweight, stiff material provides good wrist protection and quick glove removal in emergency situations.

Gauntlet Cuff

An extended safety cuff that provides extra upper wrist and forearm protection.

Slip-on Cuff

Constructed without a cuff, these gloves slip on and off easily. Material extends over wrist.

Band Top

Wide cuff for light duty wrist protection.