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Coating Options

A variety of coatings can be applied to the glove to increase the abrasion, cut, and puncture resistance or to keep contaminants from hands and/or products.

Natural Rubber

Textured natural rubber palm provides cut and outstanding puncture resistance with a safe, secure grip.


Natural Rubber Coating Applications

Construction • Recycling • Lumber and Mill Work
• Glass Handling • Sanitation • Metal Stamping
• Automotive Sub-Assembly • Landscaping

WARNING: This product contains natural rubber/latex which may cause allergies in some individuals. These allergies can lead to serious illness or death. If an allergic reaction occurs (skin rashes, hives, flushing, itching, nasal, eye, or sinus symptoms, shortness of breath, asthma or shock), stop using this product immediately and consult a medical provider.

Durable synthetic rubber provides excellent cut, slash, snag, puncture and abrasion resistance while offering superior dexterity and grip especially in oily applications.


Nitrile Coating Applications

• Automotive Assembly • Parts Assembly
• Parts Handling • Automotive Repair
• Oil Refineries • Glass Handling

Foamed Nitrile

Porous nitrile coating absorbs oils better than flat coating. Provides excellent grip in oily or greasy applications while maintaining the cut, slash and abrasion resistance of a flat nitrile coating. The foamed nitrile coating absorbs oil and grease to ensure a firm grip.


Foamed Nitrile Coating Applications

• Automotive Assembly • Parts Assembly
• Parts Handling • Automotive Repair
• Oil Refineries

Flexible, synthetic material helps protect hands from harmful residues and chemicals while providing excellent grip and abrasion resistance. Provides excellent tactile sensitivity.


Polyurethane Coating Applications

• Electronic and Small Parts Assembly
• Hi-Tech Applications • Automotive Sub-Assembly
• Light Fabrication • Micro-Engineering • Packaging
• Inspection • Light Industrial • Horticulture

• General Plant Use

A variety of PVC coating patterns are available to provide increased gripping ability while offering dexterity and flexibility.


PVC Coating Applications

• Assembly and Parts Handling • General Maintenance
• Warehousing • Fabrication • Automotive
• Automotive Sub-Assembly • Materials Handling
• Construction


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