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Manufacturing Processes

String Knit

Seamless knit gloves are manufactured on automatic knitting machines containing many ‘crochet’ like needles programmed to produce the desired product. Various gauges are available to create different results.13 gauge, or 13 cut refers to 13 needles per inch which produces a tighter, finer glove. 7 gauge machines will knit a bulkier, heavier glove. Virtually any type of fiber can be used to achieve the desired result. Seamless machine knitting is less labor intensive than standard cut and sewn processes and provides greater consistency of quality, making our knit gloves a better glove value.

Terry Cloth

Seamless knit gloves that have yarn “loops” incorporated into the knit to provide excellent insulation against extreme temperatures. 'Loops' also provide interference to sharp edges and blade travel, helping to prevent cuts and tears.


Chemical/liquid resistant gloves can be constructed using a single or multiple dip process. One or several layers of material (polymer) can be obtained by dipping porcelain hand forms into successive polymer baths. There are two categories of dipped gloves – supported and unsupported.


Porcelain hand form is dipped directly into liquid polymer. Unsupported gloves provide enhanced dexterity and tactile sensitivity. A flock lining (cotton fiber flecks) can be added during the process to help absorb perspiration and add comfort.


A polymer is dipped onto a knitted glove liner. Knit linings help to absorb perspiration to keep hands more comfortable, as well as increasing glove strength by providing resistance against snags, punctures and cuts.

Cut and Sew

Cut and sewn gloves are types of general purpose work gloves that are made when one or more materials are cut from a pattern and sewn together with a variety of cuff options.

Metal Mesh

Mesh is manufactured with high tensile strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel rings. Each ring is individually welded for maximum strength, flexibility, and durability. Adjustable straps, spring cuffs or elastic is added at the wrist for secure fit.